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This design blurs the boundaries with the local woodland landscape, using naturalistic planting, with a series of overlapping platforms, which appear to ‘float’ above the planting. The garden also takes inspiration from the local chalk rivers typical of the Chilterns, incorporating a dry river bed which helps to absorb rainwater and prevent runoff. A natural pool at the bottom of the slope, is fed by rainwater from the roof, and is a tranquil spot, as well as being beneficial for wildlife.

The brief called for screened spaces to dine and entertain, whilst enjoying the view. A cantilever deck allows dining close to the house, and within the greenery. A platform at the top of the garden provides a space to enjoy the afternoon sun.

A foraging element – The woodland edge planting incorporates fruit and vegetables through apple trees, and fruit bushes, as well as vegetables throughout the planting, which are both ornamental and edible.

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